Presbytery Council

Beginning January 1, 2000, consistent with the Denver Presbytery Bylaws, the Council shall be constituted as follows:


  • One Class: 3 elders and 2 ministers

  • One Class: 2 elders and 3 ministers


  • Presbytery Moderator, Presbytery Vice-Moderator

  • Presbytery Pastor (vacant-Council Moderator)

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS (without vote):

  • Stated Clerk

  • Treasurer

  • Presbytery Past Moderator


Dana Hughes
Wanda Beauman
Justin Spurlock
John Anderson

Olivia Hudson Smith, Stated Clerk
John Anderson, Immediate Past Presbytery Moderator
Sue Pilcher, Presbytery Treasurer
Amy Mendez, Pastor for Church Development and Multiracial Ministries
Beth Carlisle, Communications & Administrative Manager


Chairperson: Wanda Beauman

This Work Group is responsible for planning all Presbytery Assemblies. They do the following:

  • Recommend to Council plans and requests for pre-assembly events

  • Oversee, arrange for, and/or delegate services of worship

  • Evaluate assemblies and make recommendations for any needed changes

  • Provide support and resources for moderator

  • Coordinate with other Work Groups of Council as required for their contributions to the docket

Finance & Property

Chairpersons: Pat Queen & Chuck Sparks

This Work Group is responsible for the over-all fiscal health of the Presbytery.

  • Develops and presents to Council an annual budget

  • Provides long-term budget forecasts

  • Coordinates Presbytery and congregational participation in real estate transactions

  • Oversees insurance and risk management matters

  • Oversees the maintaining of records related to Presbytery guarantor functions

  • With the Stated Clerk, oversees maintaining of property, title, legal and corporate records

  • Develops, implements and keeps current Presbytery financial policy


Chairperson:  Nancy Dixon (720-939-5069)

This work group is responsible for leadership development in the Presbytery. This includes:

  • Developing events for teaching elders, both active and retired, ruling elders and deacons to learn of new ways to lead and serve

  • Providing opportunities for deacons and ruling elders to learn about their responsibilities

  • Facilitating ways for presbytery members to share their talents and skills in leadership

  • Working with other presbytery committees to prepare leaders who differ by culture, ethnicity, and age

  • Presenting and promoting the effective use of social media and other new technologies

  • Recruiting well known speakers and church leaders to present at leadership events

  • Seeking funding sources outside of the presbytery budget to help fund leadership events

  • Cooperating with other presbyteries to meet mutual needs for leadership training and share fellowship opportunities

Cultivation & Innovation (formerly Long Term Initiatives)

Chairpersons: Jason Whitehead & Joel Adams

Together, we seek to be a space where innovative, collaborative, and formative ministries are incubated. One of our goals is to work with ministers and leaders in the presbytery to envision and experiment with new models of ministry and community partnerships. This includes, but is not limited to, providing meaningful support for our New Worshipping Community and New Church Development leaders and ministers.

We believe collaboration creates good ministers and good ministries, and seek to provide resources and foster spaces where ideas can be shared. Our work is to encourage and create the conditions for ministers and leaders in the presbytery to build places of mutual support, encouragement, collaboration, and innovation.

Finally, we understand the need to invest in the development of pastors and session. We will also focus on support, training, and formation opportunities, looking to our sessions and ministry leaders to guide and develop meaningful spaces for the Spirit to move and be made known.


Mission & Ministry

Chairpersons: Jo Culbertson & Loye Troxler

This Work Group supports the Presbytery’s cooperative mission and ministry groups.  Such groups include Covenant CommunitiesMission Partnerships, and Task Forces (“mission groups”).  Among other responsibilities, the Work Group guides each mission group’s formation, renewal, and funding process.  Its recommendations are sent to the Presbytery Council for approval.  The Work Group also provides a Presbytery liaison to each mission group to offer assistance in the process of grant applications, renewals, coordination of schedules through the Presbytery Office, promotion of events of the mission group to the Presbytery’s congregations, and other input to guide mission groups toward healthy and effective mission practices.  It regularly provides programs for mission education to equip and strengthen the leadership in the Presbytery and its congregations so they may help meet local and global ministry needs.

Racial Ethnic Diversity

Chairperson: John Yu 

This Work Group consists of the responsibilities listed below:

  • Advise the councils, committees and commissions of the presbytery in implementing the principles of participation and inclusiveness
  • Advocate in the presbytery for the representation of racial ethnic members on presbytery entities.
  • Develop strategies that assist churches in increasing racial/ethnic membership, participation and leadership.
  • Develop strategies to assist Sessions to expand racial/ethnic awareness and diversity.
  • Provide leadership development for racial/ethnic persons in congregations and the presbytery.
  • Provide demographic studies to the presbytery and to congregations that specifically identify trends among racial/ethnic groups.
  • Address issues unique to racial/ethnic persons in Denver Presbytery. Issues would include but not be limited to: immigration laws, education, health care and housing.
  • Support development of ethnic specific and multi-cultural congregations.
  • Support outreach from the presbytery and congregations to racial/ethnic persons.


Chairperson: Julia Henderson & Karen Yarberry

This work group is responsible for providing, establishing and maintaining definitions, policies, and procedures that strive to maintain a positive, effective, creative and faithful relationship between the Presbytery and its employees. Other duties are:

  • Developing position descriptions that establish clear work responsibilities for each employee, detail lines of accountability and job expectations

  • Recommend personnel policies and guidelines to Council

  • Maintain employee pesonnel records

  • Conduct annual compensation and performance reviews of each staff person

  • Develop and present to Council a plan and rationale for the future staffing of the Presbytery

Relations & Communications

Chairpersons: Michael McLane & Anne Scheiber-Sjostrom

This group mentors and facilitate relations between the Council and other bodies. It is also responsible to establish and maintain efficient and effective communications between:

  • Council Workgroups

  • Council and Presbytery, its members, its committees and its congregations

  • Council and the various external groups to which the Presbytery is connected

  • Council and the population residing within the boundaries of the Presbytery