The Presbytery of Denver celebrates the diversity among its congregations and Presbytery leaders, and we look for opportunities to educate ourselves and strengthen our ministries to and with people who come from different cultural, racial, age, gender, socio-economic, and other backgrounds. Through education and training, we hope to engage all of our brothers and sisters in Christ in our worship and community life, for the greater glory of God.

Within the Presbytery Structure.  We have a full-time Pastor for Church Development and Multi-Racial Ministries, the Rev. Amy Mendez, who focuses on our diversity ministries at the Presbytery and congregational levels.  

The Renewal Team, which is appointed by and reports to the Personnel Committee, offers strategic and supportive guidance to Rev. Mendez, in order to maximize the impact of her spiritual leadership within the Presbytery.

Process for Designing Scope of Work

Process for Designing Scope of Work

The Presbytery Pastor convenes a regular Diversity Roundtable to discuss and coordinate the Presbytery’s work in embracing diversity in our congregations and presbytery. This is a sharing group, not a decision-making body. The Diversity Roundtable has representatives from work groups and committees that are collaborating in this work: Renewal Team; Personnel, Long Term Initiatives; New Church Development; Mosaic Diversity; Equipando Los Santos; Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries Committee; Nominating; Committee on Preparation for Ministry; Leadership; Mission and Ministry; and the Committee on Ministry.

Within our congregations.  The Pastor for Church Development and Multi-Racial Ministries is available at no cost to consult with congregations about assessing and promoting the diversity within their congregations or communities.  The Rev. Amy Mendez has been commissioned by the Presbytery of Denver to assist congregations in embracing diversity and multiracial ministry, mission, and life, and to offer practical advice and resources for congregations.

This list of Consulting Services provides a summary of consulting services regularly made available by her to congregations, under the guidance of and with approval of the Presbytery’s Renewal Team, but Rev. Mendez also can tailor her consultation to meet the needs of a particular congregation.  

For a consultation that might extend for a long period or require in-depth work, the consultation process usually has three steps:  a Consulting Request, a Needs Assessment, and a Covenant Agreement.  These help to clarify expectations and roles.  At the end of the consultation, we benefit from a Consultation Evaluation.