“to journey with God ...together” 

As people of Christ, Presbyterians, and the Presbytery of Denver, we are on a journey. We are moving ahead to a vision of what God seeks for us.  It is God’s journey, we have been invited to join with God on that journey, and God has promised always to be with us on it. To fulfill this vision, we are given gifts and treasures of the past, the present love of Christ, the courage to face challenges, and the strength to act each day with faith in Jesus Christ.  As the proverb of our Zimbabwean sisters and brothers says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  We are going far.  Together we are going deeply, broadly, inclusively, and globally.

Therefore, grounded in the grace of Christ, the creative love of God, and the surprising presence of the Spirit, we journey with God together by …

                              Serving congregations so that …

Our shared traditions of believing, worshiping, learning, ministering, deciding, and serving provide vital instruments of identity.

The transforming work of congregations creates inspired disciples; deeper intrinsic relationships within churches; stronger connections across the Presbytery and the world; new opportunities to claim, embrace and live God’s abundant diversity; and vital ministries of hope, reconciliation and love.

                            Ministering with those who minister so that …

All teaching and ruling elders are:
•    inspired to serve with energy and creativity,
•    equipped for ministry in a new time and age, and
•    connected and united with one another in partnerships of care, support and education.

                             Reaching out so that  …

We understand our communities, their needs, and what God is doing in those communities; and we join them in mutual work.

We embrace new dimensions of worship, ministry and mission.

We are able to respond to God’s call to serve together with other Presbyterians in Colorado, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the global community.  

Printable Vision of Denver Presbytery, click here.


To learn more about our Benchmarks for Vitality, Presbytery Values, and our Bylaws, explore the resources listed here.