Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries

The Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries (PZDP) joins our two presbyteries together as one body in Christ.  We share common experiences and desire to know more about the gifts, circumstances, and situations that differ among our presbyteries. Belonging to one another through our partnership, we can use our successes to strengthen and build up each other.  

There are a variety of ways that you and your congregation may participate and support the PZDP.  Scroll through our page below to learn more.  To read the Partnership Memorandum of Understanding, please click here.

The History of the PZDP

The PZDP partnership was established in 2005.  In our original memorandum of understanding it states: ‘God has called together two Presbyteries separated by thousands of miles.  We recognize that it was God, not us, who called us into partnership.  It is a partnership that is grounded in love and respect for one another.  We are able to extend God’s love to one another because God first loved us.’  
In our partnership we strive for genuine commitment; open, honest and transparent communication; equal partnership with equal input; and prayer for one another lifting up both our struggles and our celebrations.

Over the years the partnership has provided opportunities for:
     •    Delegates to travel to Zimbabwe and to Denver.  These delegates strive to strengthen or relationship by exploring what we have in           common and how both Denver and Zimbabwe can support our sister presbytery through dialog, prayer and a variety of programs.
     •    Short Term Service Pastors have traveled to Zimbabwe for one month time periods to assist with congregational care, preaching,                     teaching and other special projects.
     •    Long Leave pastors from Zimbabwe have traveled to Denver for sabbatical activities including rejuvenation, study and exchange                     of experiences and ideas.
     •    Retired pastors in Denver have worked as mentors to seminary students at the Union Theological seminary.
     •    The PZDP coordinates activities and travel by our Mission Partnership Groups and other individuals. 

In 2015 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of this successful and joyful partnership with our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a ministry of encouragement pairing retired pastors from Denver Presbytery with theology students and new pastors in the Presbytery of Zimbabwe.  These students and pastors face challenging and discouraging circumstances.  Through email connections these partners can pray for each other and share questions, ideas, concerns and goals.  Scripture models include Barnabas & Paul and Paul & Timothy. If you are interested contact Rev. Parker Smith at 720 979-1158 or

Short Term Service Opportunities

The Presbytery of Denver can authorize up to 3 short term service opportunities for clergy, both active and retired, to work for 30 days in Zimbabwe.  Clergy may submit an application to the short term service sub-committee of PZDP.  It needs to be detailed enough to help the Presbytery of Zimbabwe committee choose the specific location of the service, based on the current needs and situation. The Short term team will work with clergy to make sure the application is detailed enough and help them plan for the experience. These trips are not funded by the Presbytery.  If self-funding is not feasible, alternate methods of funding may be explored with the short term sub-committee.  If the clergy is currently serving a congregation and needs help to cover pastoral duties, there are options the sub-committee can explore with applicant.  Click here to download the application for church member, click here for minister application.

Mission and Ministry

The PZDP focuses on building relationships between the churches of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe and the Presbytery of Denver.  If you are interested in the mission work within the Presbytery of Zimbabwe then please go to our Mission and Ministry section.